Saturday, August 19, 2006

I attended a conference months ago, and took scrupulous notes. Those of you who know me will be shocked, I'm sure.

Funny thing about my note-taking though, is that I go to such lengths to get it all down, and then I close my notebook and forget to look at it again. Haha. So, in order to remind myself of what the Lord has been teaching me over these last months, I've been digging back into the HeatherWrighteous gold mine. Enough drama. Here's what I came up with:

"One of the most effective lies of the enemy towards the leaders of the Church today is this, that you, as you are right now you are really not acceptable, Jesus is only really tolerating you because somewhere along the way you might change but in His heart of hearts He is profoundly disappointed in you.

Lord, we need to feel Your Holy Spirit bring upon us the reality of Your affection for us - despite immaturity, weakness and sin. Let us feel Your affection for us, Just As We Are."

~Jack Deere

Worth writing down, eh?



Bret said...

Good post. We all need that assurance and encouragement.

Jesus does not condemn us . . . and he certainly accepts us . . . but for those of that will, he invites to follow him. Many turn back because the cost is too high.



winning the world for jesus said...

definality worth reading :D
Be blessed and i will see you soon :D

Fiona said...

Hmmm? at 1st I thought, that unreal, how can anyone think that?
But then I remebered when I was in fulltime ministry and a visable leader in the chruch, I truly thought that I was constantly falling short, and disappointing Jesus. In my heart I think I was trying to please man, when man wasent pleased I saw it as God being disappointed. What a lie!