Tuesday, March 28, 2006

just another Tuesday in the 'hood

So...it's been a while since Rob and I (ok, to be fair, Rob has been the faithful blogger thus far) have recounted the adventures of our neighbourhood. I can't even begin to bring you up to speed - so much has been happening.
My eyes are being opened to the horror of abuse. The cycle of it. Generations caught up in it.
These past weeks, my heart has been heavy, but today I have reached my limit. Episode after episode of family violence, children being harmed, mothers being violated and then receiving their attackers back in their homes before the day is done. In one instance, the boyfriend was back within 45 minutes of the police leaving.
The truth?
This is certainly not in my scope of experience. I cannot grasp this lifestyle or culture. This is hard stuff.
The bottom line?
I'm not quitting, I just need a bigger heart.

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Heather Dolby

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winning the world for jesus said...

Jesus expand heather's and Rob Heart to capacity your love more than they are for north carolina. I pray a release of your heart into them. praise for all what you doing in north carolina and in rob and heather hearts. amen

Love you both very much, be blessed. Press in for more. thanks for sharing what is going on, it is really cool and it stir me to pray for you two more than i already do.